Often out of sight, out of mind. Destruction could be happening to your drainage pipes without you even knowing.
Bell Contracting’s professional team of plumbers are full equipped to handle any blocked drain 24/7 guaranteed.
Blocked drains are not only annoying but always block and surchrage when you least expect it, also posing a potential health risk.
When you drains are left to the point of blockage, it is 5 times more likely that serious damage has taken place, increasing the likelihood of excavation.

What Causes A Blocked Drain?

Tree Roots are the most common cause of blocked drain in Australia. The condensation that forms on the outside of both sewer and stormwater pipes attracts tree roots, especially in summer as the tree roots go searching for a water source. Tree roots can also access your pipes through cracks and mi-aligned joints.

Grease Blockages are normally caused when a large amount of oils and food fats are flushed down the sink. This include plastics, motor oils, paints, pesticides and non bio degradable products. These products then solidify and form a hard substance within the drainage pipe.

Foreign Objects. Many items these days are marketed to the consumer as flushable and/or considered safe to flush by the consumer. Some of these being; cat litter, disposable nappies, paper towel, sanitary items, baby wipes etc. In reality even though they may flush down the toilet, its frequently the end of the journey. Household items have cause major damage to many household and Sydney Water drainage pipes. It is advised that only toilet paper and human waste is flushed down your drains.

Treated sewerage is either reused or safely returned to our creeks, rivers and oceans. Putting the wrong thing down the sewer affects our ability to treat and reuse the water and can cause damage to the system and environment.

Clearing Blocked Drains

Don’t be fooled by the cheap drain cleans that are on the market- they end up costing you more in the long run.
Clearing a blocked drain effectively needs the right tools, expertise and a thorough process.
  1. A camera inspection using a CCTV will be carried out to determine where the blockage is located.
  2. Our expert drainage technician will use a high pressure water jetter down the drain. This will clear most blockages. The high pressure water jetter is a state of the art piece if equipment tat is designed to remove tree roots, grease dirt and sand from within the pipe.
  3. Once the blockage has ben cleared, a final camera inspection may be required to determine the condition of the pipe. The right solution will then be discussed to fix the problem and prevent it from blocking again.

Drain Maintenance

You may not be aware, but as a property owner you are responsible for maintaining the pipes and downpipes on your property so that stormwater does not enter the sewerage system and sewerage does not escape into the environment.

Bell Contracting can schedule periodical high pressure water jetting and CCTV camera inspections to ensure your drain is flowing and prevent any surcharges.

If you are experiencing smelly, gurgling, surcharging or slow draining fixtures, call our experienced team of drainage experts on 1800 80 99 77.