Is Pipe Relining A Temporary Fix!

Pipe relining is a permanent solution for fixing blocked drains – guaranteed. The life span of our Brawoliner material is 50 years.

Will Tree Roots Re-Enter The Pipe Once Relined?

NO. Relining is a 100% jointless, meaning there is no where for them to enter.

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer a 25 year warranty on all sections of our relined pipework – twice that of standard style excavations.

As per of our warranty, we carry out an Annual Camera Inspection of your pipe work at no additional cost to you.

Is Relining Expensive?

Compared to digging up the pipe, replacing the pipe and rehabilitating the surrounding area, relining is both economical and environmentally friendly.

What Happens If Tree Roots Have Penetrated The Pipe?

The pipe is cleaned using a high pressure water jetting. Generally this removes the debris and clears the blockage. A CCTV camera inspection will then determine allow us to assess the problem. The cleaned pipe can then be relined.

What Product Do You Use?

We have sourced the best products and equipment from around the world and our Re-Line product is from Germany. The material is environmentally friendly and has a life span of 50 years.

We Use Epoxy Resin Not Polyester or Silicate Resins. Why?

Because epoxy resin does not shrink. Polyester and silicate resins can shrink in the pipe allowing tree roots to return.

How Long How This Relining Process Been In Use For?

Bell Contracting has been relining for over 10 years and continue to carry out constant research and development with this technology to provide you with the best solutions. This process has also been in use for over 25 year throughout Europe.

How Will I Know If Relining Suits My Application & Will Fix My Problem?

Only a camera inspection can determine the best method of repair for each application.

Relining cannot be used in every application and there may still be the need to use relining in conjunction with tradition al repair methods.

Ready To Discuss Your Pipe Relining Job?

If you want to find out more, schedule a free consultation by calling our office on 1800 80 99 77 or emailing

Using a CCTV camera, we will carry out an inspection of the pipe to determine if the Trenchless solution is an option. We will then give you a written evaluation and recommendation of repairs.